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Motorcycle Adventure tourists in New Zealand                                          

Hi everybody and thank you for your custom and support over the last 31 years. Production is taking a break for a well earned rest and considering future product range after I "retire". Currently Harris Pipes is supplying essential services only with work such as light engineering.

The work shop is located next to some of the best motorcycle riding areas in New Zealand. Sweeping bends and magnificent mountain scenery, International riders from the USA, Australia, UK, Germany and Japan ride through regularly.

NZBN 9429043908103

 image borrowed from (3979 lewis 

Pass Road Poplars


Here is a photo of the workshop ( under the red pointer) at the Engineers Camp settlement, on State highway 7, Lewis Pass road, 35km South of Maruia Springs and 40km West of the Hanmer Springs turnoff . It has a distinctive barn shape. This is what you will see as you enter from the Canterbury side. Look for the white fence posts and the wooden barn doors.

The New Zealand countryside is an awesome place to live and work, and to visit.

Our history - It started in a small workshop 1981

In 1989 I took over. I'm Graeme Stephens ( in the pic with the big exhaust) and I still own the business today. At the beginning it was very hard as I was totally 'green' with little idea on how a business should be run. Almost as soon as I started I contacted TB and was off work for a year. During this time my good friends and family stepped in and helped me keep going. After a long recuperation it was into long hours and we became known for working through the night to get the job done.

In 1990 we formed an association with Harris Pipes, manufacturing a specially designed and patented megaphone and header set for Harley Davidsons.

(subsequently in 2015 we took over Harris Pipes)

To the big workshop...1995

The business moved to the large warehouse with a staff of 5 in 1995. Then in 2000 with the building needing heaps of repairs I sold and moved to a life style out in the mountains. From here exhausts are manufactured and sent all round the country and the world dealing by telephone and internet. In association with Harris Pipes specialized acoustic work, such as large stainless mufflers for large capacity diesel motors situated in residential areas e.g. water pumping stations was incorporated.

Country living...2000

To continue the story... 'Officially', the move to the countryside was in 2000 - but in fact the business has operated from here too since starting in 1989.

After 'moving' here a new double garage was built, 400', which was a huge drop in space from the 5000' wharehouse in the city. 

2007 milestone year

After 7 years a TotalSpan® steel framed Heritage style barn was built (in the photo at the top of this page) all insulated with acoustic doors and a heated concrete floor. Hey, I'm not getting any younger and it gets COLD here. I built it with the help of friends, which nearly killed me -- should have paid the extra $6000 to have the professionals do it. But it's nice to have a bit of space again.

That's my neighbor in the pic. The only co-worker to move to the new location. loves it in the countryside and doesn't even miss watching TV!! (no reception out here)

sprint boat V8 stainless silencers under construction.

2015 Harris Pipes another important step.

We have been the manufacturer of the Harris Pipes brand since 1990 in association with a guy called Graeme Harris. In 2014 Graeme Harris decided he had other stuff to do so we took over the brand completely.

It will still stay the same top quality product with that Harris Pipes sound.

Just in case of confusion My name is Graeme Stephens owner of and Graeme Harris used to be the owner of Harris Pipes. ( )

Company Vehicles - MOOSE customized Bedford Van. Main work horse vehicle.

The customized 1981 Bedford CF van. It's been around the North and South islands of New Zealand a number of times over the years.

It's due for a new set of wheels as the tire sizes for 14inch are hard to come by.

Update on that jun 2020: 265 14 50s are available again!!

V6 motor, 5 speed man trans, steel body work. Wide aluminium wheels.

The white section of paint is for some advertizing artwork.

Here's a link to a video of the van.

Suzuki 660cc workhorse # 2

The Suzuki can U-turn anywhere on the highway in one quick move. It's fitted with an orange flashing light and is used for first response in the event of a car crash on the highway, and that's happening far too often.........

 The Suzuki Carry 660cc (3 cylinder 4 stroke) scoots to and from Christchurch and other main centres at 90kph (50- 55mph) even loaded with a heavy bike.

 The Suzuki can even tow a trailer all the way to the main centre if required.

4WD Lada - backup vehicle

Yes, the Lada actually towed the 2 ton rental digger on a 3 hour trip through the mountains to prepare the ground for the barn,, twice in a week,, I wasn't happy with the depth of the foundation the first time so I had another go. Besides driving the digger was fun.

I was an AA contractor at one time and the Lada was the rescue vehicle, imagine a flash vehicle being towed by a Lada! OMG the humiliation!!!

Never had anyone turn down a tow.....

The Lada towed this 2 ton rental digger over the mountain roads.

Nissan 300zx 1989.

The private vehicle is a Nissan ZX 1989 Manual tran 2 seater.

Although the ZX tows really well it's for private use only, the tow-bar has been removed and the business vehicles do the work.

Nissan ZX towing PCR V8 Sprint boat through the Weka Pass New Zealand.

3 litre quadcam V6