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How to give your bike a good sound and get the women,

Posted by Graeme on November 10, 2010 at 12:00 AM

A decent sound can make you

Feel like you're riding a REAL bike. 

I was talking to a customer recently who had just had one of our sports silencers fitted to his "97 Ducati Monster 600 . He made a comment which hit the nail on the head - he said he fells like he's "riding a real bike now" after having endured the sewing machine sound of the factory pipes since he bought the bike new 15 years previously.  Having his kids grow up and move out - along with the missus -it was time to renew his riding experience

And what better way to achieve that feeling than to fit tunable stainless silencers made by us. these silencers have a butterfly controller built-in which you can adjust with a tool in a few seconds to change the sound from loud to quiet.

We like to keep the sound socially acceptable even when on a loud setting, at least to our ears anyway!! our catch phrase is "Not too loud, not too quiet, just right.' because we know that's what you the customer want.

In most cases we get it right keeping the sound within reasonable limits and yet still releasing that awesome deep rumble which modern factory exhausts mangle into a crappy sewing machine noise.

While we like to be a responsible law abiding company we can also cater for those who want an even louder sound. But remember the control is really in how far you twist the throttle and when and where you do it.

Get the chicks

What better way to be noticed by younger women than announcing your presence with a deep sound.

our silencers provide you the means by sound, looks and power. This equates to:

Be heard, Be noticed and draw babes like a magnet. No use having a grunty bike if all you can do is squeak.

And above all else that deep throaty rumble makes your riding experience FEEL great.!

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