Harris Pipes make your bike sound great.

Deep throaty sound, not too loud, not too quiet, just right

Sexy looking and sounds awesome!!

The last Buell. A neatly put together bike deserves a sexy looking silencer.

Your new stainless silencer comes with a butterfly to control the sound level ( a deep rumble) from not so loud .... to, well... louder.!


 Twin outlet silencer $1450


 click here for  Zorsts® sport bike silencer page.





The last Buell


Rotax motor

OEM silencer







Hugs the motor with a slight upward sweep. 

No need to fit other aftermarket silencers that look as though they're made for a tractor.



CR 1125

The same model silencer with polished heatshields









another one

2010 model


Looks great with a stylish silencer.

single outlet



A 2inch 1/2 outlet sports can with a sound volume control




Photo, Mark Farrant 



$1250 each - not obvious in this photo but it sweeps up and hugs  the motor just like the white bike .

The sound level is generally louder on this model single outlet silencer due to it having a smaller volume


Mark farrant


New zealand


"... real easy fitting yours I only loosened the front header and it went together real easy and has no leaks and is very solidly mounted ........ Every one who has seen it so far is totally blown away and it sounds fantastic and the front wheel spends even less time on the ground now than before ..."

Stainless Headers

We made this 2 into 1 header set  with a spring loaded slip joined collector to cure the exhaust cracking problem that some Buells  suffer from








  Shown for interest. We have tooling for these headers but it needs perfecting before we can supply by mail order.

Stainless 2inch 1/2 outlet.

For an earlier model similar to the bike above. Sounds awesome and has a sound volume control built in.

Has a slip jointed collector also.







The tooling for this model needs perfecting also.


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Vintage and rare parts

 Become a member and swap information on vintage bikes. We may be able to hand bend headers and construct rare mufflers if we have samples for your motorcycle.


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