Harris Pipes make your bike sound great.

Deep throaty sound, not too loud, not too quiet, just right

Headers, Silencers, Fishtails                                                                  



We can help you complete your restoration project with smooth sweeping hand-bent headers and replica style silencers, looking and sounding the same( or better) as when it came out of the factory door all those years ago. 

Your bike will look great.


Who is this fellow in the pic which was taken between 1990 to 1995. I remember him but not his name




 photo sent to us by bike owner






photo  Lynda Maddock

At the time this photo was taken ( about 2000) it was fitted with a 1925 350.

It was planned to fit it with the correct 500 shortly.


 Classic Japanese bikes, Cick here
















Handbent header on a Royal Enfield 1946












Hand bent header and off-set silencer, 350 AJS Matchless 1947.
















 Hi rise 
















1926 G10

 what cc is this bike?


Reading Standard

Here is a photo of 2 sets of  handlebars copied from the original. Hopefully we will have a photo of the finished project one day.




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Vintage and rare parts

 Become a member and swap information on vintage bikes. We may be able to hand bend headers and construct rare mufflers if we have samples for your motorcycle.


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