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How will I tune the motor after fitting the new exhaust?                                       

 Tune the exhaust to the motor rather than the other way round, makes things much simpler.

Your new ZORSTS® exhaust from us normally has some form of adjustable back pressure and volume control mechanism built in, such as a butterfly. This means it will work with the factory state of tune. We will have designed it to give a good sound and compatible back pressure with our workshop settings unless you want a special arrangement.

You will be able to ride and still be able to alter the setting within certain limits to suit yourself. If you want to change things at a later stage, say different air cleaner or cam, the exhaust can then be tuned to suit the motor.



 note: Harris Pipes systems fitted to Harleys will most likely need the motor tuned depending on the application.

How good is your warranty?    Refund Policy                                                  

               Customer satisfaction fully guaranteed

Our products are very reliable and we cover the quality and longevity of our workmanship fully. Also we guarantee your satisfaction with your new exhaust or return it within 15 days for a refund.


Note: Sometimes after crash damage or road rash stainless exhausts may crack over time because of continued use while in a stressed and damaged state. In the event of accident damage seek our advice otherwise you may void the warranty.

Check our feedback on TradeMe® under the trading name ZORSTS®

If you are not totally satisfied with the sound, performance, fit or quality for any reason return it for a full refund.

Other questions

Can you make my bike sound better?

Yes! our exhaust design can release the sound of your bike ( within socially acceptable levels) usually while maintaining compatible back pressure.

Will a 4 into 1 make my bike sound better?

It may, but it really depends on the baffling inside the silencer (or muffler. the end part of the exhaust system where the smoke exits). We recommend changing just the silencer(s) as the best value for money sound and performance enhancement.

Will my bike sound louder? (Video)

It depends on what you require. If you want a quiet exhaust then that's what we'll make you. If you want it loud you can have that too. Most people want more sound than the factory silencers release. We try to find a balance between what is legal and socially acceptable. Our tunable silencers are, we trust, socially acceptable even fully open while still making a sweet rumble. It really depends on your riding style. Even a factory silencer will be loud at full open throttle!

How loud will my silencers be? (video)

It depends on the application. We can make silencers as quiet as a hushed conversation with the engine at full throttle.( for corporate applications - such as large diesel generators) For motorcycles, the sound level ranges from.... well , quiet to loud!! In most cases you will want to hear your bike without it being too loud. We think we can achieve just the sound you want without annoying your neighbours!


Can you make my exhaust quiet?

Yes we can use internal baffling in the silencer(s) that is of a similar design to the factory - reverse flow baffling - which tends to suck power and is non adjustable. Works well on bikes like the R100 BMW providing the state of motor tune is factory.

We also manufacture the Zorsts® range of silencers which incorporate a butterfly for sound volume control, check the videos.

We have a good stainless design to keep farm quads quiet and are looking to expand our range in that area depending on the level of interest.

How much extra power will I get?

It depends on the application. In most instances when fitting a freer flowing exhaust, such as we make, a power increase is noticed. In some applications dyno test results are available. In all cases we guarantee you will be happy with the sound looks and performance of your purchase from us or return for a refund.

How heavy are the Stainless Sports Silencers?

Approx 3kg to 4 kg each. Lighter than most factory silencers but not as light as pure race silencers as they are made from decent thickness stainless. We do not like our products to fall apart as many light weight 'race ' silencers do! 

How do the Tunable Stainless Sports Silencers work?

They have a valve inside which you can control the sound level and backpressure with by turning an adjuster. It takes just a few seconds and means you can ride quietly around town or a bit louder on the open road or on the race track.

Can my new silencers be repaired if they are damaged in a crash?

Possibly. Some of our designs have a double skin which can be removed in the event of damage.  For example, the  Tunable Stainless Sports Silencers have an outer skin which makes a substantial repair to brand new possible for half the cost of replacement. Some Harris Pipes systems have removable shields also as have the replica style Triumph America replacement stainless slashcut silencers.

NOTE: Sometimes after crash damage any exhaust may crack specially with continued use while in a stressed and damaged state. In the event of accident damage seek our advice otherwise you may void the warranty.

Does stainless crack after a while?

With proper design stainless will not crack. Our exhausts are slip jointed where needed and heat treated.. Good design eliminates cracking.

NOTE: Sometimes after crash damage any exhaust may crack specially with continued use while in a stressed and damaged state. In the event of accident damage seek our advice otherwise you may void the warranty.

Is stainless as good as chrome?

It depends on the application. When we polish stainless it is hard to see any difference from chrome. In many cases factory chrome is a bit dull and our stainless looks better.. It takes a high quality chrome job to outshine our stainless products!!!

Will stainless discolour and dull after time?

Stainless can be repolished many times over many years without wearing through. It tends to 'gold' when exposed to heat (rather than blue like chrome). Unlike chrome it doesn't chip off with stone damage and light scratching can often be repaired. our double skinned and heatshielded products resist discolouring and can be kept looking great for many years with a bit of elbow grease!!

How will I fit my new exhaust                                                                 

In most cases the new exhaust will mount to the same holes and bolts that the factory exhaust uses. We always try to use the easiest solution for you. Usually the factory gaskets can be left in position and do not need replacement. Often we design a gasketless slip join and/or provide silicone exhaust sealer.

  Bolts straight on

* Scroll down  for fitting issues

Problem  - Crash damage                                                  .

 Sometimes after crash damage or road rash your exhausts may crack over time because of continued use while in a stressed and damaged state.

Fix: In the event of accident damage or road rash seek our advice otherwise you may void the warranty.

  Crash damage!
Problem -  Hanger bracket Harris Pipes                              .

Back in 2014 we sent a 6 speed Harris system to Australia to fit a new Harley and they had a problem with the gearbox hanger bracket.

We supply Harris Pipes only for models up to 2014. We do not supply for later models. 

  One off fitting problem with hanger bracket
Problem - Front header Harris Pipes                                   .

The front header on the 5 speed Harley fitting sits close to the casing.

Fix: Pay attention to this area when fitting to avoid contact.

Note: later model 6 speeds have been improved in this area

  5 speed header is close to casing
Problem - Long shocks Harleys                                            .

Longer shocks may contact the Harris 2 into 1 megaphone.

Fix: There is a lower setting for the megaphone on the 5 speeds.

  Lower sitting Harris megaphone.

(tooling made on a custom with saddlebags)

Problem?                                                                            .

Please let us know any niggles so we can publish them here.


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