Harris Pipes make your bike sound great.

Deep throaty sound, not too loud, not too quiet, just right

Awesome sounding Harris Pipes performance exhausts    .

This page is being redesigned, some products shown here are now out of production apart from the 5 and 6 speed Dyna and Soft Tail models up to 2014.

A Harris Pipes 2 into 1 fitted to a Harley really makes your bike sound fantastic with that throaty rumble. ...hear the sound.

You also have the option of being able to control the sound level with removable baffles to keep the noise law-makers happy  ( and the neighbours.)

But remember the ultimate sound control is in your throttle hand!

 Reweti's 5 speed Harley Davidson with Harris Pipes 2 into 1 exhaust.





Australian customer's Harley Davidson with Harris Pipes 2 into 1 (images to be reinstalled shortly)

 photo supplied by customer

We are the manufacturer of Harris Pipes ® exhaust systems for

Harley Davidsons


 Triumph parts


  latest Triumph product


 An extra large diameter tapered pipe 3 into 1 fitted with a Harris Pipe.

check the video page to hear the rumble.

$3950NZ full system Harris Pipes


Triumph Bonneville megaphones $1350NZ a pair.


Triumph America slashcut silencers $1450NZ a pair.

Other Harris Pipes Triumph products are available and will be detailed soon.

The ulimate Sportster Hi rise 2 into 2


 Hand-made system fitted to a bike in Australia looking awesome. $2800NZ

photo supplied by customer 



' ...great pipes best ive ever used in power gain-looks-and finish-and sound cheers.''

6 speed soft Tail

 Has sensor mounts,

Harris Pipes Stainless with heatshields




 photo copyright Zorsts















Soft Tail 6 speed in New Zealand

V Rod

 Replaces the twin factory system with a lighter weight

upswept Harris Pipes Megaphone and 2 into 1 intermediate pipe which clamps to the factory headers.



photo copyright Zorsts®

we're also working on a slashcut style for the V Rod -  as on the night Rod below




V Rod

Great Sounds, Looks and Performance


Night Rod

A slashcut style silencers on a Night Rod. Stainless clamps  to the factory headers.


slashcut also available on the V Rod.

 Megaphone style also available.

Photo copyright


V Rod Muscle fitted with a rumbling Harris Pipes exhaust.


A set of Stainless slash cut style straight through silencers  changes the sound from a sewing machine to a real Harley with a deep thump at idle.


photo copyright Zorsts




XR 1200


 Harris Pipes 2 into 1

 available in polished stainless $1890NZ

Add $500 for black or silver finish.



 photo supplied by Bruce and Zoe Gough, Reefton NZ.











 systems available in black and silver high temperature coat


Finally, the model that it started on. The FXR


Photo supplied by John Greer






 FXR restored, looking great and fitted with a Harris Pipes 2 into 1



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