Harris Pipes make your bike sound great.

Deep throaty sound, not too loud, not too quiet, just right

VTX 1800 stainless replacement tunable silencer.                                     

A replacement stainless silencer brings out the rumble.

Shorter than the factory version.

photo sent by owner


  Click here to see the Triumph Rocket 3 hand made header and stainless silencer.


Click here to see our specialized acoustic work for corporate customers.

Norton Commando stainless silencers


  Replica style stainless silencers. High quality and a great sound.

Suzuki Marauder deep sound volume tunable exhaust


  Stainless silencers with a deep rumble. The sound volume can be altered by turning a control on the bottom of each silencer. takes just a few seconds.

Triumph America Speedmaster aftermarket silencers


 Jim Single 

  Stainless replica style silencers.  Slashcuts also available in shorter length. All have a fantastic sound - with a volume control.

Triumph Bonneville stainless silencers deep sound

A pair of stainless silencers on a triumph Bonneville to get the bike performing and sounding great.

$1350 a pair



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Vintage and rare parts

 Become a member and swap information on vintage bikes. We may be able to hand bend headers and construct rare mufflers if we have samples for your motorcycle.


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