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page under repair  How to (re) construct Vintage mufflers  on a Norton                                    

A job we did in 2007

 This project started as a box of disassembled rusty parts of a pair of '54 Norton Dominater original silencers. These silencers have compound curves and are in left and right hand halves welded together along an external seam. Here are the 4 new parts of steel cut to shape ready to be rolled . The main section has the edges folded to duplicate the seam.

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 4 parts cut and ready for rolling


 Norton race bike photo click here

 Tig welding

After rolling the parts are carefully welded together.

How to construct an exhaust.


panel beating.

While welding the side is panel beaten to a nice rounded shape. The tail pipe is added later.

Hand filing

The high spots are hand filed in between panel beating until the shape is just right. Can't file too much off!

High speed sander

The part is sanded with progressively finer grades until it is polished

nicely shaped

A nice shape which started as a flat piece of steel. Next the tailpipe is added, baffles inserted and the halves welded together. Sounds easy doesn't it!!!


Ready for chroming

The mufflers ready for polishing and chroming. There is still a part left over perhaps for future use. 

'54 Norton Dominator


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Vintage and rare parts

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