Harris Pipes make your bike sound great.

Deep throaty sound, not too loud, not too quiet, just right

Trumph Rocket 3 handmade header exhaust & deep sounding silencer.           

 Versatile fitting model

$1500NZ deep sounding silencer - Fits factory header pipe.

Otherwise, If you already have aftermarket silencer(s) fitted and want to complete the look with this great looking set of free flow headers shown below - our design can be manufactured to mate up with just about any other silencer(s) that fits the factory header pipe.

$2200NZ Free flow header pipes - can also fit factory or other aftermarket silencer(s)



This has to be the neatest set of free flow headers to be made for the Rocket, hardly wider than the factory exhaust means you won't burn your leg unless you try real hard. Fitted with a Harris Pipes silencer/ megaphone


  There is also a Zorsts® shorty silencer available .

$3500NZ headers and silencer as a set. (Add $250NZ for black high temperature coating)

$2200NZ free flow headers only

$1500NZ stainless silencer  each.

Either silencer ( see video) can be manufactured to fit the factory headers.


The parts of this exhaust, comprising header pipe set and a silencer, can be designed to fit the factory parts and  other exhaust manufacturers' silencers that currently fit the factory header pipes.

This means you could fit our silencer to your factory headers for a deep sound or fit our headers to another brand of silencer you have already fitted. E.g see Ricks rocket video with our headers and a Zard silencer.


High Horsepower model

A new larger diameter pipe 3 into 1 to produce high horsepower.

Check the video page for a look


latest product

$3990NZ plus P&P This new larger diameter system  is a complete replacement and requires basic handyman skills and a drill to fit.


Modifications The brake reservoir is remounted to a new cover and the master cylinder is moved forward 12mm for clearance.


The Dyno results show approx 20hp increase over factory with a considerable increase in the torque spread. 


 Contact us for advice.


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Vintage and rare parts

 Become a member and swap information on vintage bikes. We may be able to hand bend headers and construct rare mufflers if we have samples for your motorcycle.


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