Harris Pipes make your bike sound great.

Deep throaty sound, not too loud, not too quiet, just right

Stainless Sports Silencers                                        
Fit a set of ZORSTS® stainless sports silencers. You can adjust the sound volume in a few seconds.


 Manufactured in New Zealand to very high standards

  •      Built to last – not just another light-weight ‘performance exhaust’
  •      Polished Stainless – high quality materials and construction
  •      Satisfaction guaranteed – or return for a refund
  •      Sound – you control the subdued or throaty growl
  •     Power increase over factory silencer(s)
  •      10 year guarantee – workmanship and materials
  •     Bolt on - no special skills or tools needed
  •     No rejetting unless desired
  •      Instructions supplied


Primarily designed for road use, they are well constructed with a 10 year guarantee. They won't fall to pieces like some other expensive after market systems.








Stainless Sports Silencer


A pair of Stainless Sports Silencers on a Ducati ST2

The sound volume and back pressure can be adjusted for relaxed touring.

Photo Harry Job







ducati ST2

Suzuki SV 650

  Custom Hi rise silencer. Factory position also available




  Audrey Rodkiss says...

 'I would just like to say that I would recommend a Zorst Exhaust to anyone who wants (a) top quality workmanship; (b) excellent customer service; (c) an awesome looking and sounding after market system; and (d) 110% value for money.'

BMW K100

  The K100 factory silencer unbolts and the new one slips onto the 4 factory headers. It's a straight swap. (as are most of our systems)


Photo supplied by customer ( this is not Andrew's bike but is the same model)

  customer comment

'Hi Graeme,

The exhaust is fantastic.

Great sound. Butterfly damper in the 10% position.

Have not tried it anywhere else. Will see how it performs on a trip in the next few weeks.

Thanks again. Regards

Andrew Kidd.'


Also made for the K75

BMW R1100R

Stainless Sports Replacement Silencer. Sounds just right with the control on a reasonably quiet setting 10deg open. 3  - 4 extra HP. With the control at maximum backpressure the torque curve has a truly massive midrange increase with a drop off at the top end, but ideal for cruising if used sensibly.



Tuneable replacement silencers for BMW R1100R and R850R $890each

Harley Davidson old school sound - deep rumble.

We are developing a range of Zorsts © sound volume adjustable silencers for Harley Davidsons.

Slash cut style stainless with a deep sound, Also check Harris Pipes for more options including the V rod Muscle, XR etc.



Night Rod slashcut stainless silencer slip on to factory headers,












FLH stainless tunable slash cut replacement silencers for the FLH.

Triumph Speed Triple Zorsts® hi rise silencer

A replacement stainless tunable silencer. Hi rise and factory positions available. Requires removal of the rear footpeg.



Truimph 1050 Speed Triple

For the Triumph 1050 - one right hand mid rise 'Zorsts' Stainless Sport Silencer, $890 with a nicely sweeping tail pipe and oxygen sensor  mount included. This is a huge improvement over the factory twin muffler system under the tail.












sound level is adjustable- video


you can alter the sound level from loud to quiet in few seconds

VTR 1000

 2 replacement silencers on a VTR1000 really release the V twin rumble


Photo Kelly Glass - West Coast





'just love the sound'

Cheers Kelly


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