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Big Turbo installation Suzuki GSX 1400

The installation was modeled after an article in an Australian Magazine. Our work was much neater and more flowing but if it weren't for the magazine photos I would not have believed the turbo would fit where it did.

It's very close but  there is clearance for the wheel movement.

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Turbo Entry - Tiny Port

  The gases from the 4 headers all pass into the turbo through the small retangular entry port as shown on the flange at the bottom of the photo.


  Stainless turbo flanges laser cut and ready for assembly.








top: exit

center: air inlet

lower: exhaust outlet

Exhaust gas flow into a turbo

It's important to shape the area where the headers all collect with as much open area as possible. It is worth spending a lot of time blending the tubing as there is no room for a separate collector


It takes a lot of work to make round tubes collect into a retangular/oval  port.


The view up the inside 


Turbo inlet

 The inlet side showing the blow-off valve control and the air cleaner inlet spout.


The stainless tube from air exit of the turbo splits to join the intercoolers either side  with a rubber hose.


The  large bore exit tube polished and snaking under the bike to split into 2 pipes either side through Kerker™ silencers.





GSX Turbo 1400


GSX 1400 turbo installation almost complete with intercoolers ,


 370 plus HP Turbo GSX 1400




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